Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Brimbane Report #4

Welcome to week number 4 of the Brimbane Report. For those of you following I have yet again squeezed 10 levels into a week. Brimbane hit level 50 late last night with 2 days and 10 hours of playtime. I am sitting with 4,414 gold and a ton of items on the auction house. I have also spent a ton of gold, both in coin and herbs(used versus sold), leveling alchemy. I made the switch from mining to alchemy sooner than I planned but I am glad it is over. I was able to get an Heirloom Cloak to add an additional 5% xp boost that helped offset what I lost due to dropping mining. I will talk more about how and where I leveled during this weeks milestones along with a map of my herbing route for the Western Plaguelands.  I have yet to really start what I call farming and have just grabbed herbs as I go by during questing.  I must say that I enjoyed this weeks quest and if you get a chance, visit the plaguelands and see all the changes Blizzard has done to this once boring zone.

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