Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing Farmacom

As darkness settles over Azeroth and its citizens dream of the next days glory, a new guild has been born, Farmacom. So what is Farmacom and why do I care your asking yourself. Guilds come and go and most never become more that just name place holders. With the changes Blizzard has made to guilds and their advancement, I have hopes that Farmacom will not be one of those. But I can not do it alone. I am asking for your help in establishing and thriving this guild that will not be know for the fastest progression or worlds greatest pvpers but for our Wealth and Dignity. We will be the ones who are gold capped but at the same time teaching our fellow adventurers in the ways of the coin. After all, as a gold blogger that is what we strive to do. With every post we hope to inform someone of a new way to do something that will aid in their ability to make gold.

Faracom can be found on my server Altar of Storms. It is open to anyone who wishes to join that knows or wishes to learn how to make gold. It is open to those of us that don't really fit in the raiding or leveling guild molds but would rather spend our time gathering herbs or ore to sell to make tons of gold. It's a place where we can share ideas and strategy to maximize profits. I will also encourage members (If they wish) to write articles for this blog that highlight some of the guilds strategies and adventures.

Now don't think that because we are a guild of farmers we don't raid. We raid with a different mindset is all. As we grow we will be taking down raids looking for those hard to get items that net large amounts of gold or can be disenchanted and sold as materials. We will run instances with our members in mind. Do you need a recipe that only drops in instance X to complete your profession or a special mount or item you have been after? Just let the guild know and we will go after it together as a guild.

I want to thank you for your time and hope if your a member of Altar of Storms looking for your place you will give us a try. If you are just looking for a new home to re roll for a fresh start remember you are welcome. If you are a blogger who wants to join a guild of like minded people than feel free to join in. Just send an in game mail to Brimbane or post a comment here and I will send you and invite.

Brimbane Out

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