Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well if you have noticed I have been MIA for a bit. Real life has taken its toll on me and the blog has suffered. I will be getting back to The Brimbane Report next week and hope to keep it going without interuption. 

Brimbane Out

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Brimbane Report #10

Well here I am at post number 10 of The Brimbane Report and have yet to reach level 80. I am sitting at level 79 very under geared and not really interested  in leveling. Why you ask? It all has to do with professions. I have been working non stop on leveling alchemy and archeology in the hopes of getting the vial of the sands drop. I have gotten archeology up to 435 and have picked up some nice rares including the fossil raptor mount and pet but have yet to find a dig site in Uldum.  Alchemy is sitting at 509 and I hope to max it out in a day or so. Buying mats from the Auction House has hit my pocketbook but I will soon see a reversal once it is maxed and herbs and cool downs can be sold. I can now harvest Whiptail so with a little farming I can turn a nice profit from selling the stacks I'm not using. As far as making gold I am still selling recipes from gadetzan for a nice profit. I have set a goal for myself that before next weeks post I will not only hit 80 but 85. Its a stretch but I am going to try, then I can work on stockpiling gold.

Brimbane Out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Brimbane Report #9

Welcome to our 9th posting of the Brimbane Report this week I want to talk about farming herbs. I hit level 75 this week and now I am able to train to be an illustrious grand master herbalist. But I know what your saying your only 75 why and how are you going to get all those cataclysm herbs. The secret is this I'm a druid. The ability to gather herbs without leaving flight form is the greatest advantage you have as a druid farmer. The other key to this is that at level 75 I have not phased any of the new areas and can grab most of the herbs with ease. I would suggest to anyone that has not began questing in the new areas to farm them before you do. Just be prepared to die if your not careful enemies in these zones hit hard. Now on my server the prices have really dropped for these herbs as the frenzy of the new expansion is ending but they can still turn a nice profit. I am currently holding some back waiting for the number of people farming to decrease so that I better control the market. I have a feeling when patch 4.1 goes live prices will spike again and I am looking forward to unloading my herb supply then.

What do you thing? Will Patch 4.1 cause a spike in Auction House prices?

Brimbane Out