Thursday, February 17, 2011

Milestones-Level 68

I wish to say I'm sorry to you my readers and myself for missing a few post for Milestones over the past weeks. But I have a new one for this week and its the great Level 68. Now I know what your asking why 68 and not 70. 68 brings with it one of the best things ever in this stage of wows history. The ability to skip the Burning Crusades areas and get right into Northrend.  At 68 you are able to pick up the ability to fly in Northrend and quest are unlocked for you to complete in the starting areas. If you noticed a grind sitting in after level 62-63 you will now start to level again at a decent pace. I myself enjoy the areas of Northrend more than the Burning Crusades because they feel more relevant and fresh. And maybe just a bit more polished.  As an herbalist this also lets me fly down pick up herbs and fly off again without fighting my way past mobs. And these herbs sell well on the Auction House, so I should see my income start climbing. I hope to see you guys out there as I make my way to 85 reaching your own milestones.

Brimbane Out

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