Monday, February 7, 2011

The Brimbane Report #5

Welcome to this weeks update. Brimbane is sitting at level 60 and that means I can now fly. That's right I picked up Flight Form and Flight Master's License making herb gathering and travel so much faster. One thing I have noticed is I am spending more and more time away from any major cities and this has slowed down my gold making ability. To overcome this problem I have set up a banking alt to deal with such issues. This does have some cost associated with it as postage on items does add up over time. As you may know I have also setup a guild know as Farmacom on Altar of Storms. I plan on having my bank alt deposit all of its gold into this guild bank for our members to use for repairs. More updates on Farmacom will appear here as we grow and prosper. I have set aside farming for a bit and have turned my attention to leveling and promoting the guild but this does not mean I have forgotten why I started my Blog. I will soon be back on track with more gold making tips and tricks. Until then I leave you with this tidbit  Dark Iron Residue, that I use to vendor or throw away is now selling for 13 gold and up per 100.

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