Monday, February 28, 2011

The Brimbane Report #8

Good morning and welcome to the Brimbane report. Very little time for WoW this week and it shows. Leveling has slowed to a crawl as I am now sitting at 73 but I have a bright side. While I was working on archaeology I ended up in Gadgetzan and made a quick little discovery. If you check with all the vendors around town you will find several recipes that can turn a quick profit on the Auction House. I have done very well selling the alchemy transmutation recipes and the cooking recipes. Check your server first but on Altar of Storms these items were missing from the AH so I stocked up and started selling. Not huge sales in gold but in the percentage of profit they have been very nice. Most are selling between 60 and 90 gold and only cost silver or a few gold from the vendor. If you remember from my last report I was busted after purchasing some upgrades and with nothing else but buying and selling these recipes I am over 2000 gold again. So if your in Tanaris stop buy and stock up.

Brimbane Out

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Woes of Guild Recruitment

If you are a level one guild trying to recruit more members I feel your pain. With so many other guilds recruiting like crazy its has become very difficult to recruit new talent. I recently set up a new guild, Farmacom, and the act of getting new members has been torture. It seems to me that right now you have two types of people, the ones that are going to the higher level guilds with perks already unlocked so they don't have to wait for the goodies and the ones being used to level the guild. On a personal note I will say that I don't want the first section of members. Joining a guild to just get the perks and never involve yourself in guild activities is just wrong and selfish. Not what a guild should be about. Now the ones that I hope to get are the ones that realize that they will never get a raid spot with their current guild and that when the guild hits the level cap they will get removed from the guild. I suspect as we see guilds hitting the cap a flood of looking for guild request will go out in trade chat and small guilds will pick these up.

Let me know what you think and what ideas you have for smaller guilds to attract members away from the higher level recruiting monsters.

Brimbane Out

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Brimbane Report #7

Brimbane is sitting at 70 and his coffers are nearly empty. That's right I had to spend 4000 gold for Artisan Riding and 1000 gold for a 4th guild bank tab. The thing I am proud of is that I had the gold well in advance of level 70 to pay for the upgrade to my flying. Not true of my first time around. I remember on my first 70 having to save and grind to get the gold, before I learned how to play the Auction House. So what did I do with this new found speed. I went farming. I had two main goals when I started my farm runs. First was to hit areas that allowed me to level Archaeolgy, this required a lot of flight time. Second was to focus on herbs that I needed for my alt's Inscription profession. Both went really well I managed to pick up several stacks of Khadgar's Whisker that I used for Emerald Pigment and Indigo Pigment. I then made my way south and hit Tanaris and completed a common fossil only to find that the next one that popped up was the Fossilized Hatchling. Now you can't imagine my delight to see this little guy. Now all I have to do is collect 85 Fossil shards to complete this rare.  I then flew south again into Uldum and maxed out my herbalism at 450 collecting Cinderbloom. That ended my week and I was pleased, to say the least.

Brimbane Out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Milestones-Level 68

I wish to say I'm sorry to you my readers and myself for missing a few post for Milestones over the past weeks. But I have a new one for this week and its the great Level 68. Now I know what your asking why 68 and not 70. 68 brings with it one of the best things ever in this stage of wows history. The ability to skip the Burning Crusades areas and get right into Northrend.  At 68 you are able to pick up the ability to fly in Northrend and quest are unlocked for you to complete in the starting areas. If you noticed a grind sitting in after level 62-63 you will now start to level again at a decent pace. I myself enjoy the areas of Northrend more than the Burning Crusades because they feel more relevant and fresh. And maybe just a bit more polished.  As an herbalist this also lets me fly down pick up herbs and fly off again without fighting my way past mobs. And these herbs sell well on the Auction House, so I should see my income start climbing. I hope to see you guys out there as I make my way to 85 reaching your own milestones.

Brimbane Out

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Brimbane Report #6 "Love is Greater Than Gold"

Happy Valentine's Day! This report is going to be a little different because today I want to thank my wife for making everything I do possible. Her love and understanding allow me to spend hours not only playing WoW but writing about it as well. She is also my greatest leveling partner! She takes time out of her own WoW schedule to help me with quest or instances without hesitation. She only has a limited amount of playtime, and for her to drop what she is doing to help me is a true act of love. We have been in and founded guilds together. We have walked the halls of Icecrown Citadel and the depths of the Molten Core. We have climbed Mount Hyjal and dove deep into Vashj'ir. For everything she has done for me in Azeroth and the real world I want to say thank you. I Love You Minnie, (Onehotmomma), with all my heart.

Brimbane Out

"Tell someone how you feel today never wait for tomorrow!" -Brimbane

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Brimbane Report #5

Welcome to this weeks update. Brimbane is sitting at level 60 and that means I can now fly. That's right I picked up Flight Form and Flight Master's License making herb gathering and travel so much faster. One thing I have noticed is I am spending more and more time away from any major cities and this has slowed down my gold making ability. To overcome this problem I have set up a banking alt to deal with such issues. This does have some cost associated with it as postage on items does add up over time. As you may know I have also setup a guild know as Farmacom on Altar of Storms. I plan on having my bank alt deposit all of its gold into this guild bank for our members to use for repairs. More updates on Farmacom will appear here as we grow and prosper. I have set aside farming for a bit and have turned my attention to leveling and promoting the guild but this does not mean I have forgotten why I started my Blog. I will soon be back on track with more gold making tips and tricks. Until then I leave you with this tidbit  Dark Iron Residue, that I use to vendor or throw away is now selling for 13 gold and up per 100.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing Farmacom

As darkness settles over Azeroth and its citizens dream of the next days glory, a new guild has been born, Farmacom. So what is Farmacom and why do I care your asking yourself. Guilds come and go and most never become more that just name place holders. With the changes Blizzard has made to guilds and their advancement, I have hopes that Farmacom will not be one of those. But I can not do it alone. I am asking for your help in establishing and thriving this guild that will not be know for the fastest progression or worlds greatest pvpers but for our Wealth and Dignity. We will be the ones who are gold capped but at the same time teaching our fellow adventurers in the ways of the coin. After all, as a gold blogger that is what we strive to do. With every post we hope to inform someone of a new way to do something that will aid in their ability to make gold.

Faracom can be found on my server Altar of Storms. It is open to anyone who wishes to join that knows or wishes to learn how to make gold. It is open to those of us that don't really fit in the raiding or leveling guild molds but would rather spend our time gathering herbs or ore to sell to make tons of gold. It's a place where we can share ideas and strategy to maximize profits. I will also encourage members (If they wish) to write articles for this blog that highlight some of the guilds strategies and adventures.

Now don't think that because we are a guild of farmers we don't raid. We raid with a different mindset is all. As we grow we will be taking down raids looking for those hard to get items that net large amounts of gold or can be disenchanted and sold as materials. We will run instances with our members in mind. Do you need a recipe that only drops in instance X to complete your profession or a special mount or item you have been after? Just let the guild know and we will go after it together as a guild.

I want to thank you for your time and hope if your a member of Altar of Storms looking for your place you will give us a try. If you are just looking for a new home to re roll for a fresh start remember you are welcome. If you are a blogger who wants to join a guild of like minded people than feel free to join in. Just send an in game mail to Brimbane or post a comment here and I will send you and invite.

Brimbane Out

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Brimbane Report #4

Welcome to week number 4 of the Brimbane Report. For those of you following I have yet again squeezed 10 levels into a week. Brimbane hit level 50 late last night with 2 days and 10 hours of playtime. I am sitting with 4,414 gold and a ton of items on the auction house. I have also spent a ton of gold, both in coin and herbs(used versus sold), leveling alchemy. I made the switch from mining to alchemy sooner than I planned but I am glad it is over. I was able to get an Heirloom Cloak to add an additional 5% xp boost that helped offset what I lost due to dropping mining. I will talk more about how and where I leveled during this weeks milestones along with a map of my herbing route for the Western Plaguelands.  I have yet to really start what I call farming and have just grabbed herbs as I go by during questing.  I must say that I enjoyed this weeks quest and if you get a chance, visit the plaguelands and see all the changes Blizzard has done to this once boring zone.