Monday, February 21, 2011

The Brimbane Report #7

Brimbane is sitting at 70 and his coffers are nearly empty. That's right I had to spend 4000 gold for Artisan Riding and 1000 gold for a 4th guild bank tab. The thing I am proud of is that I had the gold well in advance of level 70 to pay for the upgrade to my flying. Not true of my first time around. I remember on my first 70 having to save and grind to get the gold, before I learned how to play the Auction House. So what did I do with this new found speed. I went farming. I had two main goals when I started my farm runs. First was to hit areas that allowed me to level Archaeolgy, this required a lot of flight time. Second was to focus on herbs that I needed for my alt's Inscription profession. Both went really well I managed to pick up several stacks of Khadgar's Whisker that I used for Emerald Pigment and Indigo Pigment. I then made my way south and hit Tanaris and completed a common fossil only to find that the next one that popped up was the Fossilized Hatchling. Now you can't imagine my delight to see this little guy. Now all I have to do is collect 85 Fossil shards to complete this rare.  I then flew south again into Uldum and maxed out my herbalism at 450 collecting Cinderbloom. That ended my week and I was pleased, to say the least.

Brimbane Out!

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  1. Congrats on maxing herbing at 450, itll prove to be profitable, thats for sure.