Friday, January 28, 2011

Shop Smart: Auctioneer

This week on Shop Smart we are going to look at a feature of the Auctioneer add-on that can make you some quick gold at lower levels. It’s the vendor search option. If you’re not using Auctioneer I would suggest you download it from and run a few scans on the Auction House to get your baseline started.  So after you get it installed you want to look for the search tab at the bottom of the Auction House interface. Under the search tab you want to look for the vendor selection to the left of the screen. Spend some time and look at your option to see if you want to consider bids or buy out and how much you want to make per item.  I look for items with at least a 1 gold or more profit and only look for buy outs, never bids. This does limit me but also limits my risk.  Now your asking me what does this do, well it looks for items listed on the Auction House for less than they vendor for.  I know what you’re saying, “No one does that!” but the truth is they do.  I buy things all the time just to turn around and vendor, mostly white items. Why this works breaks down to one simple word, "TIME". Most people jump on the Auction House and mass post undercutting the competition and not really looking at the posting price. If you get a few people doing this then it doesn’t take long for the price to drop under the vendor amount. You will never get rich doing this or even make enough to buy that epic mount but it can get your cash flow started early on. One word of caution is to never rely on the add-on to do all the work for you, make sure you know your vendor pricing.

"Making gold is not just about selling; it’s also about spending wisely." -Brimbane

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