Thursday, January 20, 2011

Milestones-Level 30

Brimbane the Druid recently hit what I consider a milestone when  he reached level 30. With a flash of lite and several on screen notices, it was quite the fan fair.  How could anyone help but notice when you reach these new levels as you are presented with an onscreen notification of not only your new level but also skills and abilities available from trainers. This was in my opinion one of the smartest things Blizzard has ever done. I for one love milestones, those little things that take the tedious aspect out of leveling.
To present leveling in this way gives you something to look forward to and not just the ding and go approach of the past. Pre-Cataclysm I often would find myself going to a trainer whenever I made it to a town and find that I had several levels of training to do, not anymore. In this new shattered world I look for trainers more frequently so I don't miss out on those new abilities. So I'm off to hit my next milestone at level 40 before the next Brimbane Report.

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