Monday, January 17, 2011

The Brimbane Report #1

Welcome to the Brimbane Report. This is a weekly wrap up of my earnings and status of Brimbane the Druid on Altar of Storms. Since this is the first week lets start with a few things I did to get Brimbane off on the right foot. With Brimbane being an alt of mine the first thing I did was send him BAGS! I cannot stress enough how important bag space is, anything left in the field is money left in the field. Yes those copper add up. Now if this is your first character don't worry Blizzard has a few quest early on that will let you pick up a few bags.  Plus within a few levels and a little work on the auction house you will have the gold needed to buy them. Now that I had storage out of the way I looked at professions. I started off with herbalism and mining for two reasons. Reason number one is because both of these professions for a low lever character earn large amounts of gold. Second is the fact that they both yield experience when farming nodes. This leads to faster leveling that in turn means faster instance farming. Now other professions make money also, for example enchanting or jewel crafting, but they do better at higher levels then the two I have chosen. So now I'm off to earn gold, check back next week for a full report of earnings.

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