Monday, January 24, 2011

The Brimbane Report #3

This week went a little slow for me on the gold making front. After 1 day and 18 hours I'm sitting at level 40 and 3400 gold. If you take into account the 600 gold I spent for Embersilk Bags I am still on pace at 100 gold per level. The main reason I saw a decrease this week is that I have decided to switch to alchemy at 65 and have been stockpiling herbs, instead of selling them, so that when I make the switch I can power level.  I have noticed on my server that a lot of the mid level herbs and ore are not even listed on the auction house so I can sell them pretty much whenever I like. I suspect to have a surge in income once I sell off any extra herbs I have after leveling alchemy.  I have found a pretty good spot just inside the Western Plaguelands to gather Khadgar's Whisker, Fadeleaf and Kingsblood, that all sell well, while doing quest so no real farming involved, just grab them as you go by. Now that I have hit 40 I am going to start with Ragefire Chasm and see how far I can get soloing in the instance list. I will be posting an average amount of gold you can expect to get when running each instance.  That’s all for this week's report see you soon.

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