Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Brimbane Report #10

Well here I am at post number 10 of The Brimbane Report and have yet to reach level 80. I am sitting at level 79 very under geared and not really interested  in leveling. Why you ask? It all has to do with professions. I have been working non stop on leveling alchemy and archeology in the hopes of getting the vial of the sands drop. I have gotten archeology up to 435 and have picked up some nice rares including the fossil raptor mount and pet but have yet to find a dig site in Uldum.  Alchemy is sitting at 509 and I hope to max it out in a day or so. Buying mats from the Auction House has hit my pocketbook but I will soon see a reversal once it is maxed and herbs and cool downs can be sold. I can now harvest Whiptail so with a little farming I can turn a nice profit from selling the stacks I'm not using. As far as making gold I am still selling recipes from gadetzan for a nice profit. I have set a goal for myself that before next weeks post I will not only hit 80 but 85. Its a stretch but I am going to try, then I can work on stockpiling gold.

Brimbane Out!

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